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Crossing the River

Husband, father, a disciple of Jesus, and a different kind of Coach.

About Me

Bret Larrimore has been in recovery since 2008.  It is through his personal experience of failed marriages, addiction, consequences, pain, and a loving Spirit-led recovery walk that Bret found understanding, his purpose, deep inner-healing, and passion for helping others uncover the mysteries of relationships and recovery.  Bret has been a leader and co-facilitator of the Easton Men’s Underground L.I.F.E. group since 2010 and has a solid understanding of the recovery process.  He is a small group leader and teacher on Temperaments for the Underground Workshop.

Bret’s knowledge of temperaments, love for Jesus and people in general, and his “futuristic” thinking is what enables him to help others see “what could be”.  As a coach, Bret helps men and their wives set into motion the action needed to intentionally connect with God, self, and others. In the process of recovery, they gain deep insight, new truths, and a visional direction for their lives and marriages, toward living in freedom every day.

Bret is a BCLC (Board of Christian Life Coaching) Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach specializing in Addiction Recovery and Relational Improvement.  He is also a Certified Clifton Strengths Advisor through the Nazarene Strengths Institute, and a Certified Instructor and International Representative for the SACC (Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling). 

About Me: About Me
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