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Private Marriage Coaching Package


Working Together to Control The Fires

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Deep Understanding 
Identifying Necessary Adjustments

How It Works

  1. Read the description and get excited about the future.

  2. Complete the contact form below, including a brief description of the issues you desire to adjust.

  3. Email me to arrange for a 30-minute joint phone call to see if we're a good fit and if this is the best direction for you.

  4. Agree on pricing and start date, and sign the agreement.

  5. Begin a better future.

Continued problems, or a little investment, effort, and sacrifice to a BETTER MARRIAGE and HAPPIER FAMILY... your choice, right now. What do you want?

Money alone can't buy that. Your possessions or professional status won't provide that. Your genuine "want" for it can't make it happen. it takes action, effort, and taking the steps that are actually "right" for each of you... no one else.

Coaching does that... moving forward, on the right path for the people involved, according to how they are made and what their inner needs are. I don't try to change anyone, but rather provide a deep understanding of self, and significant others, that has proven successful in greatly improving marriages for both husband and wife...seriously.

Intentional Connections provides a unique opportunity for each person to be deeply known and understood by their spouse and gain this same level of understanding of themselves; it's what we all truly want.  If your marriage is "on fire" (and not in a good way) or if you just want things to be better, this level of understanding will help each of you see the other (and yourself) through clearer lenses of new truths, from a Christian perspective (meaning "specifically created" not evolved).

Many people follow guidance from someone with no personal experience and only a textbook degree. I DO have personal experience with marriage, divorce, addictions, recovery, children, and even incarceration. I know the good AND the bad of life and relationships, but more importantly, I know the power of deep understanding. I am practicing what I teach.

I offer a 90-day (12-week) Marriage Coaching Package that will focus on the desired result that YOU want to achieve as a couple. The first 6-7 weeks will be gaining a deep understanding through my 9-week "The Purpose Box" Course and "setting the stage" for the following weeks of identifying and implementing relational adjustments necessary to achieve the goal(s). It's a process that cannot be rushed any more than it already is. This course IS the "FAST-TRACK" option to saving, or at least improving your marriage, family, and any relationships.

Throughout the 90-Day Marriage Coaching Package, each person (husband and wife, together) will have direct access to me for encouragement, support, questions from you, and questions FOR you. We will meet in person or on Zoom once a week for a 2-hour maximum session, for 12 weeks. During each week, each will have unlimited email support which I will answer within 24 hours, and "limited" phone text and/or calls to focus on that week's progress. At the end of the 12 weeks, we will review amazing discoveries, celebrate incredible improvements, and seek a vision for your future (or whatever you want).


 My Marriage Coaching Package allows us to work together MORE OFTEN over a short time, which ends in RESULTS. Now, I am NOT the one doing the work, YOU ARE!! And if you don't do the work, NO results... no matter how hard "I" work with you.

I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. these are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.

Isaiah 42:16 (NIV)

Complete the contact form below to request a FREE 30-minute phone call to determine if this is the best direction for your needs. I will not sell or share your info nor will I flood your inbox.

Let’s Work Together

Bret Larrimore

Intentional Connections

Tel: 410-310-5078

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