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Foggy Waters


Addiction Recovery / Marriage & Relationships / Spiritual Growth

I've learned more about my husband in 9 weeks than I did in 22 years of marriage and a year in counseling.  The Purpose Box saved my marriage.  We both have a new understanding of each other. 
Bret, I appreciate all of your knowledge.  Thank you for what you do.  This has changed my life.  You are a great teacher/coach."

Pam Airey - CNA

"If this course was presented to other men's recovery groups it would aid in men realizing WHY they have reacted the way they did.  I found the course to be very valuable to understand why I acted and treated people the way I did.  This course was also an eye-opener to who I am."

Danny Delosier - Retired

"Do you want to learn more about yourself in ways you may have not known and discover how to effectively use your ability to advance the Kingdom of God?  If so, this course is for you."

Deon Adkins - Capital Police Officer

"Prayers answered."


"Wouldn't change a thing, bro. You have a great grasp on all these measures and present them clearly! This material gives insight into character/behavior and offers paths forward in healthy ways.  The Purpose Box course will provide you with a set of structures you can use to explore your own strengths and aptitudes with an eye toward God's call on you and giftings to you."

Jeff Peck - Professor, Del. Tech.

"Practical stuff for everyone.  Bret is well informed in all these tests. He is passionate and practical.  His approach helps everyone leave the exercise appreciating how God made them."

C.B. Nagel - Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)

" There was nothing I did not like about the course. This course helps in self-discernment and allows them to analyze themselves as to why they do things and especially their need for a more-healthy emotional spirituality."

Rick Bulala - Retired Physician

"This course has helped my wife and me to understand better how God has created us.  Through this our marriage has improved and will continue to improve as we seek to fulfill the roles we are meant to fill in God's Kingdom."

Jacob Bryan - Utilities Superintendent

I think this course would be great for anyone 'cause it helps people to better understand themselves as well as others and how to relate better to others.  I think first and foremost it will help recognize and address the false-core beliefs and unmet needs we all have.  Secondly, to be able to understand not only their own temperaments, strengths and spiritual gifts, but to recognize them in others so that they can not only love themselves but to love others as well."

Sam Hardeman

"Most people are lost and the better you know yourself and how to fit in with everyone else the better chance you have to live a life pleasing to God.  There's nothing more important than aligning yourself and others with God's kingdom.  This course teaches you about yourself and others so that you can better do that.  I highly recommend it!"

Brian H. - House Inspector

"Learning the truths about yourself and learning the same bout others you live with or work with is priceless.  Knowing what I know NOW... I can make better choices and certainly have better outcomes in my relationships with family, spouse, friends, and co-workers."

April Mannon - Customer Service Rep.

Good info but could be simplified and condensed. This workshop saved my relationship with my husband and improved our relationship with our kids. The insight I learned about myself and others has been invaluable.

A. M.

This course drastically changed the way I view my husband's actions, moods, and responses. I was able to see everything through a temperament lens and not a "he's trying to upset me" lens.
Any married couple or soon-to-be-married couple would benefit from this course.

C. B.

I liked everything. The slides were helpful for this visual learner. I feel this course would benefit every soul - to help them understand how, and why, they were made. If you are struggling with who and how God made you to be, then this course is for you. Digging deep and understanding that you are just as God created brings about ACCEPTANCE and helps you know your place in God's kingdom.

Ashley H.

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